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Nevada REALTORS® support Justin Watkins because we support candidates who are focused on the issues that matter to us. From promoting growth and stability in the housing market, developing a stronger economy, lessening the regulations on homeowners and the tax burden on Nevada families, and standing for real estate issues, we support the candidates who support us.

Together, let's stand up for REALTOR® friendly candidates who will fight for our communities at the capitol. Vote Justin Watkins for Nevada Assembly District 35.

Justin Watkins: The REALTOR® Friendly Candidate

Justin Watkins will be a true advocate for real estate once he gets to Carson City. As a local attorney, Justin has seen the damage that has been wrought through HOA foreclosures. He is sure to be a REALTOR champion in our state capitol.

Voting information

Early Voting

Early voting is October 22nd - November 4th.

Election Day

Election Day is Tuesday. November 8th.

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For more information visit www.NVSOS.gov

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On November 8th, Vote for the Candidate Supported by REALTORS®
Vote Justin Watkins for Nevada Assembly District 35!