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Nevada REALTORS® support Alexis Hansen because we support candidates who are focused on the issues that matter to us. From promoting growth and stability in the housing market, developing a stronger economy, lessening the regulations on homeowners and the tax burden on Nevada families, and standing for real estate issues, we support the candidates who support us.

Together, let's stand up for REALTOR® friendly candidates who will fight for our communities at the capitol. Vote Alexis Hansen for Nevada Assembly District 32.

Alexis Hansen: The REALTOR® Friendly Candidate

Alexis Hansen is a strong advocate for private property rights. As a real estate licensee, she will continue to protect to dream of homeownership. Hansen believes in protected small businesses from overregulation as a small business owner for over 30 years.

Voting information

Election Overview

Nevada plans to conduct an "hybrid" election for the June 14, 2022 primary election. All active registered voters will be sent a ballot in the mail, but voters can choose to vote in person instead of casting a mail ballot if they want to. The decision of how to vote will be up to each individual voter. No voter will be forced to vote using a method with which they are not comfortable.

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